What's Up @ GY?

New Year, New Yin with Cindy
January  21st       1:00-3:00pm        Worthington
Replenish, revive, balance and restore – start your new year with this deeply calming, mind-body workshop! Enjoy a deeper look into the practice of Yin Yoga, first briefly discussing the philosophy and health benefits, then experiencing the magic for yourself! Join Cindy for a workshop emphasizing the meditative roots of Yin and its ability to provide balance to our modern, Yang lifestyles while also complimenting more active forms of yoga and exercise.

Handstand Fundamentals 102 with Amy K
January 29th      1:00-3:00pm     Grandview
Are you ready to move away from the wall and add some handstands into your personal practice? If handstanding without a wall still totally freaks you out, this workshop will help you get past that fear, build your confidence, and start to play with handstands in your home practice or class. We will spend some time at the wall, and then move into learning ways to practice handstands away from the wall (including how to fall safely!), as well as break down some ways you can add handstand transitions into your yoga practice.