What classes do you recommend for beginners?

The best option is to enroll in our 4-week Beginner’s Series, which we run a few times per year at each studio.  Find out when the next Beginner’s Series starts by visiting our Events page.  Other great options are to start with a yoga private lesson (contact us via email to schedule) or a lower intensity class such as Chill Flow or Fundamental Flow. Both of these styles offer a beginner-friendly pace and a focus on the foundational yoga poses.  But always know we welcome beginners in all classes and are happy to suggest modifications to help meet you wherever you are on your yoga journey.  Most important to learning and benefitting from yoga is making time for it and showing up as often as you can!  If you would like personalized class recommendations, send us an email, let us know exactly what you are looking for and we’ll provide you with our suggestions.

Do I need to pre-register for classes online?

Our peak time yoga classes (nights and weekends) do fill up so we highly suggest signing-up for classes in advance online.  We do accept walk-ins, space permitting (the earlier you arrive the better your chance).

What happens if I am waitlisted for a class?

If a spot opens in class and you are the next person on the waitlist, you will receive an auto-generated email to let you know you’ve been added to the class (please make sure your current email is on file in MINDBODY and you have opted into email communication).  Sometimes spaces open up very last minute, so we completely understand if you do not find out in time to make it to class and there is no penalty for waitlisted clients who do not end up showing up.

What is your class cancellation policy?

As a courtesy to others who would like to get their yoga on, please cancel your reservations at least 3 hours prior to class if you are unable to make it.  You can do this by logging into your MINDBODY account, clicking on My Info and then My Schedule.  For reservations cancelled inside of 2 hours, a class will be deducted from your account.  We do realize sometimes things beyond your control happen, so if that is the case, please send us an email (yoga@goyogausa.com) and let us know so we can adjust your account.

What do I need to bring to my first class?

Please arrive to your first class 10 minutes early to allow time to fill out new client paperwork.  If you have a yoga mat, please bring one with you.  If not, we always have a few extras on hand.  For heated classes, please bring water and a hand towel.  Please keep in mind most of our studios do not open up until 15-20 minutes prior to class, so don’t fret if you show up early and the door is locked!

What are the benefits of yoga?

There are countless benefits to taking regular yoga classes, including stress reduction, increased circulation, flexibility, strength, toning, weight loss, improved sleep patterns, relaxation, the list goes on and on!  A regular practice (at least 3 times per week) can reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases not only through the physical practice, but also through the mental benefits of awareness and focus.  The yoga poses are meant to touch and maintain as many parts of the body as possible.  Just as you brush and floss your teeth every day, physical wellness is dependent upon the frequency with which you mindfully move, stretch and tone the body.   Research is indicating over 80% of diseases are linked to stress.  Yoga is a fantastic way to get physically and mentally healthy.  Your time on your yoga mat gives you a much needed opportunity to unplug from the hecticness of life, to get out of the rat race, to calm and quiet your mind, to focus on breathing and to mindfully work through any tension you are experiencing in your body.  Yoga is truly life-changing if you commit to a regular practice (and we hope that you do!).

What if I am not flexible?

Yoga myth alert: you do not have to be flexible to start taking yoga classes.  Flexibility is something yoga gives you and do not worry, most clients in our studios do not bend like pretzels!  Think: we lift weights to strengthen our muscles; in the same way, we do yoga to make our muscles more flexible (and yoga will strengthen them as well!). Whether you are sitting a lot during your work day or engaging in repetitive motion activities such as running, tennis, golf or other sports, you are shortening your muscles and building up tension.  Yoga allows you to lengthen, expand and release tension and ultimately the toxins in your body that occur as the result of tension.  Yoga is a great balance to many other activities and even our lifestyles and it can also encompass your complete fitness regimen.

How many times a week it is recommended to practice?

As with anything we are trying to improve in our lives, a successful practice requires discipline, consistency and commitment. To get maximum benefits and results, a practice of at least 3 days per week is recommended. With this being said, some yoga is better than no yoga, so fit in classes when you can and don’t stress too much about it! Just giving yourself an hour a week on your mat will still provide you with great benefits for your life.

What should I wear to class?

Comfortable clothing is recommended.  Active sports apparel is most popular due to its stretch and ability to wick moisture.  Be careful to wear anything too loose, as it may get in the way as you are moving through poses (you may want to ask yourself: will that shirt fly over my head when I do a forward fold?).  We practice yoga barefoot, so socks are not necessary.

Can I eat before class?

We do recommend eating light within 2 hours of class.  This will ensure maximum comfort during class and also lessen the chances of feeling light-headed.  If you need an energy boost prior to, fruits, nuts, juices and smoothies are great options.  Staying hydrated is important as well, especially during the summer months.  Drink your water…it’s good for you whether you are doing yoga regularly or not!  Note, we do have water and for sale at all of the studios.

Do you have a place to change before class?

All of our yoga studios have restrooms and/or changing rooms and unlocked areas to store belongings.  Showers are not available.

What is the minimum age for participation?

We find at about 13 years old, children have the attention span and physical capability to make it through a non-heated 50-minute class.  Of course this varies from child to child, so we are flexible in terms of age as long as your child does not detract from the experience of others in class.  For all minors, a parent or guardian must accompany them to their first class to sign the Release of Liability Form.

Why am I showing as absent when I did attend a class?

Oops!  We may have missed you!  With several people often walking through the door at once, we do at times miss getting people checked in.  In the event this happens, please send us an email and we will update your status.

Are your yoga instructors certified?

Yes – all GoYoga instructors are certified and/or registered yoga teachers that have completed both an approved yoga teacher training program and a mentorship with an experienced GoYoga teacher.  Many of our instructors have completed our own teacher training program, which helps us to ensure they have received high quality training and mentoring to prepare them to lead you through empowering classes.

What types of classes do you offer?

We offer a variety of styles – everything from chill and relaxing to hot and challenging.  Although the pace and intensity of our classes varies, you can rest assured you will experience a complete yoga practice.

Check out our styles page to view all of our class types and our online schedule for a complete list of our classes (if you do not see your preferred location you can select it from the Locations drop down menu).

I showed up and the doors were locked!

For the safety of everyone in class and their belongings, we keep the doors locked during class.  We may allow entry up to 5 minutes past the class start time, but this is not guaranteed as many of our classes do fill up, so arriving at least 5-10 minutes early is always recommended.

What’s the deal with yoga etiquette?

If there is anything you should know about us, it’s that we are laid back, but in order for everyone to have the great yoga experience they deserve, including you, we do ask for a few small favors…

-Please no shoes in the studio rooms (there are designated storage areas at each studio).  Keep in mind we are putting our faces and bodies on the floor and it is probably not appealing to anyone to plant their face in someone’s shoe goo.

-Please arrive on time – and by that we mean have your mat out and be ready to practice by the start time of class.  The first few minutes of class are usually silent and geared toward calming down our minds and shifting gears from our busy lives into the quiet space on our mats, so it can be very distracting to have people coming in to class and loudly rolling out their mat during this time.  We absolutely understand unexpected things happen sometimes that cause us to be late – we kindly ask this be the exception and not the rule.  We try to keep the doors open a few minutes after class starts but cannot guarantee entry if you are late.

-Don’t talk to your friends during class.  This is “you” time and not social hour.  If you practice with friends, use this as a challenge to stay focused on your own practice and your own experience.

-No cell phones in the studio rooms.  Only one exception – if you are on call for work and if you are, please let the instructor know.  We are here to unplug and having your cell phone hidden under the top corner of your mat does not allow for you to fully unplug and more importantly texting while you are in downward facing dog is the antithesis of doing yoga.

-Please stay for the entirety of the class.  The final pose, commonly referred to as savasana, is arguably the single most important pose you will do in class as it’s a time to let all of the other benefits from the class settle in and a final change to strengthen your sense of calmness and awareness before you head out into the rest of your day.  If you do need to leave early, please let the instructor know and try to position yourself by the door so you can leave with minimal distractions to others.  And again, please let leaving early be an exception and not your standard protocol.

Where/when/how is childcare offered?

Childcare is currently offered at our Grandview, New Albany and Powell locations.  Click here to see the online schedule. For the safety of the kids, we do limit the number of kids in our childcare room so please pre-register online to ensure a spot is available.  Rates are $6 per class per kid drop-in or purchase an unlimited childcare membership for $30 for the first child per month and $15 for each additional child in the family (please sign up additional children for membership in the studio or by emailing yoga@goyogausa.com to get the discounted rate). We have toys and gear for kids ages 6 weeks and up. Please bring the kids fed, changed and with favorite toys that might help soothe or entertain them while you get some time on your mat! If your child is not able to calm down after 10-15 minutes, we may come get you out of class (although we try to avoid this as much as we can…we understand you need your yoga!).

Your experience is incredibly important to us.  Please email (yoga@goyogausa.com) or call (614.792.YOGA) to let us know about the great experiences, the not great experiences, requests you may have and any questions we did not answer above.