If there is anything you should know about us, it’s that we are laid back, but in order for everyone to have the great yoga experience they deserve, including you, we do ask for a few small favors…

-Please no shoes in the studio rooms (there are designated storage areas at each studio).  Keep in mind we are putting our faces and bodies on the floor and it is probably not appealing to anyone to plant their face in someone’s shoe goo.

-Please arrive on time – and by that we mean have your mat out and be ready to practice by the start time of class.  The first few minutes of class are usually silent and geared toward calming down our minds and shifting gears from our busy lives into the quiet space on our mats, so it can be very distracting to have people coming in to class and loudly rolling out their mat during this time.  We absolutely understand unexpected things happen sometimes that cause us to be late – we kindly ask this be the exception and not the rule.  We try to keep the doors open a few minutes after class starts but cannot guarantee entry if you are late.

-Don’t talk to your friends during class.  This is “you” time and not social hour.  If you practice with friends, use this as a challenge to stay focused on your own practice and your own experience.

-No cell phones in the studio rooms.  Only one exception – if you are on call for work and if you are, please let the instructor know.  We are here to unplug and having your cell phone hidden under the top corner of your mat does not allow for you to fully unplug and more importantly texting while you are in downward facing dog is the antithesis of doing yoga.

-Please stay for the entirety of the class.  The final pose, commonly referred to as savasana, is arguably the single most important pose you will do in class as it’s a time to let all of the other benefits from the class settle in and a final change to strengthen your sense of calmness and awareness before you head out into the rest of your day.  If you do need to leave early, please let the instructor know and try to position yourself by the door so you can leave with minimal distractions to others.  And again, please let leaving early be an exception and not your standard protocol.

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