8 Tips for Caring for Your Mental Health During a Crisis

Posted April 1, 2020

By Chelsea Bragg

  1. LIMIT THE NEWS. Outside of doing what we are already doing, you are not going to be able to change what is going on in the world. Commit to ONE source for news, ONE time a day. 15 minutes is plenty to keep you informed. There is a fine line between obsessed and educated. Trust the work you’ve done in yoga practicing presence. Pause, tune into THIS moment and step away from the news.
  2. MOVE YOUR BODY. Walk, Yoga (GoYoga is streaming classes daily for all members!), Dance, Run, YouTube Videos, Play with your kids or pet. We are energetic beings and right now, we are lacking physical connection to one another and the outside world. Moving stagnant energy around often will have a significant impact on your mental health.
  3. IT’S OK TO NOT BE OK. There is a lot of talk out there about “Now is the time!” (to write that book, clean this, workout every day, meditate every day, start this project, etc, etc…) It’s ok to feel overwhelmed, it’s ok to skip the virtual happy hours, group chats, daily gratitude journaling, all of it. It is perfectly normal to take time to process and relish in the solitude available right now. IT’S OK TO NOT BE OK.
  4. GARDEN OR GROUND.  Whether it is your hands in the dirt or bare feet on the ground. Making skin-to-earth connection has many benefits like overall relaxation and improved sleep. The earth releases electronic waves that can shift the waves in the brain causing positive psychological changes.
  5. LAUGH OFTEN. Call a friend, watch a comedy, stand-up or play a funny family game. Speaking of watching, we are all watching significantly more TV right now. Be mindful of the type of content you’re consuming. Keep it light and laughter filled, friends!
  6. MUSIC NOT NEWS. Music is so incredibly powerful. Whether you dress up, make some Pina Coladas and turn on The Beach Boys, blast Cardi B and dance in your kitchen or sit quietly jamming to some Trevor Hall, music can MOVE you. It can also ground you in the present moment. Close your eyes and let the music carry you into present bliss.
  7. GIVE IF YOU CAN. If you have the financial ability, take some time to find some organizations that touch your heart. This doesn’t necessarily have to just be donating to organizations… Reach out to someone close to you who is out of work and ask how you can help them or maybe your beloved Yoga teachers, many of whom are taking donations to help supplement their loss of income. Don’t have the cash flow right now? No worries, call a friend who lives alone or check on a neighbor. Blessing others is one of life’s greatest gifts and will leave your heart feeling FULL.
  8. BE SOFT WITH YOURSELF. There is no “right way” to handle what we are moving through. It is perfectly normal to not know what to do. Allow yourself to be flexible, adaptable and gentle. If we cannot practice compassion, forgiveness and gentleness with ourselves first, how can we expect to be able to extend these benevolent qualities to others? It all starts with you, folks. Be easy <3.