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At GoYoga we offer a full spectrum of group yoga and meditation classes.  Whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for years, whether you are looking to relax and unwind or build balance and strength, we offer an array of class styles taught by friendly and passionate instructors to help create the space for you to find exactly what you need.  It is our goal to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable in our spaces and to deliver yoga no matter what the style in a simple and empowering way.

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Mindfulness on the Mat: Cultivating Presence & Connection

2/23 from 1-3pm @ Upper Arlington

The mind is powerful and full of habitual tendencies. Coming to the realization that we have control over our thoughts and our reactions is one of the most transformative realizations we come to in yoga.  Your practice becomes a space to work on heightening awareness, developing mindfulness and cultivating a deeper desire to remain present. This workshop is all about discovering new strategies for strengthening these qualities both on and off the mat, with the ultimate goal of living a fuller, more vibrant life! We’ll explore how movement, breath work, intention setting and journaling can enhance your ability to remain in the now.

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