We were founded on a “real yoga for real people” philosophy and as such, it is our goal to offer options that make yoga accessible to a broad range of people, regardless of your previous experience with yoga or physical activity. We aim to deliver empowering classes, with clear and easy to follow instructions in an inspiring and judgment free atmosphere.

The Intensity Scale

We’ve broken down our classes by intensity level to help you find the classes you need when you need them. Our definition of intensity relates to the strength and stamina required for the class. Lower intensity classes will not get your heart racing and muscles burning as much as higher intensity classes. Please note these are general descriptions, as each instructor does bring their own unique spin on each style of class.


Increase focus and awareness; improve your relationship with yourself and the world around you + find greater peace and calm in your mind. During meditation classes you’ll be guided through a variety of techniques to help you get present, develop a greater sense of self-awareness and build positive mental qualities. Your mind is one of the most powerful tools you own and through caring for it regularly via meditation, you strengthen your ability to live a life filled with joy, peace and contentment. Intensity: low.

Relax & Restore

Relieve physical and mental stress, take time to relax and find a great sense of peace and calm. Relax & Restore classes are an absolute treat. They are based upon Restorative Yoga and rely heavily on props to support the body so you can truly relax, release and fully let go. You’ll also be guided through breath work and/or mediation techniques to help focus and calm the mind. This is a wonderfully gentle class that’s perfect for slowing down during those busy times in life and also when a physical concern necessitates that you take it easy. Intensity: low.

Restorative Flow

A blissful combination of Restorative & Flow yoga. You’ll be guided through a slowed down and modified flow-based sequence, followed by the opportunity to relax and let go in a handful of restorative poses. Gentle movements followed by sweet supportive stretches will leaving you feeling open, relaxed and at ease! Intensity: moderately low.

Deep Stretch

Slow down, relieve tension, improve range of motion, mobility & flexibility plus find peace of mind. Based upon the Yin Yoga practice, a Deep Stretch class contains a series of seated and reclined postures, each held 3-5 minutes. The longer holds allow time to work deeper into the body - targeting the connective tissues, ligaments, joints and bones. You’ll also explore the potent combination of breath + mindfulness as you stretch and work on freeing up physical and mental tension. Intensity: moderate.

Power Down & Deep Stretch

The combination of a slowed down, more chill take on Power + a handful of postures taught in the yin style. This class provides an effective combo of strengthening + opening, helping you achieve greater stability & flexibility. We’ll move through a mindful warm up to awaken the muscles. We’ll then move through a series of static standing holds to increase strength and stability. We’ll end by sinking into stretches that work deeper into the connective tissue and joints, providing a deep sense of tension release. Intensity: moderately high. When heated, temperature is 85-90 degrees.


Increase balance, coordination, flexibility, energy & focus. Our standard Flow classes are inspired by Vinyasa Yoga, a style characterized by dynamic movements synced to breath and often referred to as meditation in motion. Classes include a warm-up, a series of standing and balancing postures linked together with transitional movements and a cool down to help the body and mind relax. Options and modifications are given for many postures so you can adapt the class to meet your body’s needs. Intensity: moderate.

Flow Expanded

A more challenging version of our Flow classes, the Flow Expanded experience will keep you on your toes, challenge your focus and take you beyond the basics as you move through creative transitions and more intricate poses. Intensity: moderately high. When heated, temperature is 85-90 degrees.


Improve strength, balance and flexibility + increase mental focus and resilience. Our standard Power class is rooted in the traditional power sequences popularized by Bryan Kest and Baron Baptiste. After a series of dynamic movements to warm the body and build the breath/body connection, we’ll take on strong standing poses, learning to be calm in the midst of a challenge. Class ends with a cool down series of stretches and finishes with relaxation to leave you with a good balance of feeling energized, strong and peaceful. Intensity: moderately high. When heated, temperature is 90-95 degrees (or 85-90 when marked as Warm).

Power Expanded

A notch up in intensity from our standard Power classes, the Power Expanded experience takes a deeper dive into more challenging postures, strength-building movements and/or the philosophy behind the physical practice. This class will truly enlighten and expand your yoga (and life). Intensity: high. When heated, temperature is 90-95 degrees (or 85-90 when marked as Warm).


Build strength and stability, improve posture and balance + get your heart rate up with the high-energy, low-impact movements in Barre. Combining the best of several fitness disciplines, Barre focuses on core stability (Pilates), balance and range of motion (Ballet), strengthening through isometric holds (Strength Training), improving cardiovascular health (HIIT) and mindfully moving, stretching and breathing (Yoga). You’ll get a total body workout without the high impact movements that can lead to injury. Most importantly, you’ll leave feeling mentally and physically strong and empowered. Intensity: high.

Power Flow with Weights

Strengthen bones, tone muscles, build stamina, increase energy with this dynamic class combining mindful yoga movements with traditional fitness techniques. In addition to yoga poses, hand weight exercises, core sliders, high intensity movements + breath work are incorporated to give you a full body work-out and a mental work-in. Embrace this chance to challenge yourself, while also being able to modify any movement, maintaining the sense of mindfulness important in all of our classes. Intensity: high. Temperature: 85-90 degrees.