We were founded on a “real yoga for real people” philosophy and as such, it is our goal to offer options that make yoga accessible to a broad range of people,  regardless of your previous experience with yoga or any other physical activity.  We aim to deliver empowering classes, with clear and easy to follow instruction in an inspiring and judgment free atmosphere.

We believe in the power of community, so our instructors take a hands on approach by being present throughout the room, giving verbal cues that meet the needs of the class and in some cases, giving assists to enhance your experience.   The real power of yoga is in mindfulness, so we also incorporate meditative elements, such as breath and time for stillness into all classes.

The Intensity Scale

We’ve broken down our classes by intensity level to help you find the classes you need when you need them. Our definition of intensity relates to the strength and stamina required for the class. Lower intensity classes will not get your heart racing and muscles burning as much as higher intensity classes. Please note these are general descriptions, as each instructor does bring their own unique spin on each style of class.


Come and work on your mental fitness as you learn to harness the power of your mind. You'll be guided through a variety of meditation techniques that help you strengthen focus, alleviate mental stress, find greater clarity and develop positive mental qualities.

Relax & Restore

Class integrates a combination of relaxing and restorative yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation – all focused on relieving the built up stress and tension in our bodies. This is a great class for those new to yoga, those looking for a more relaxing practice focused on stress relief or anyone with physical limitations or injuries who still wants to take advantage of the benefits yoga has to offer. Intensity: low. Heat: 75-78 degrees.

Slow Flow

Slower paced flow focused on quality of practice more than quantity of poses. Class includes a balanced mix of standing, seated and reclined postures and greater emphasis is placed on the breath, moving at a pace that allows time for you to really land in each pose and practicing in a way that promotes total (mental & physical) well being. Intensity: moderately low. Heat: 75-78 degrees.

Deep Stretch

Improve joint flexibility, free stagnation in your muscle tissues and find a sense of peace and calmness in your mind. We begin with light movement to warm up the body and then we explore and hold various seated and reclining poses for 3-5 minutes each. Tap into the power of your breath as you stretch, explore your edge and free congested energy. Intensity: moderate.

Slow Flow + Deep Stretch

Slow down and get deep in this special combo class! We start with a purposeful and steadily paced flow-based moving meditation to warm the muscles and burn through outer layers of tension. This is followed by a yin-based practice where we hold a series of poses to facilitate deeper work into connective tissues and joints. Together, experience the meditative, healing and restorative benefits of both ends of the yoga spectrum coming together in one practice! Intensity: moderate.

Fundamental Flow

A great movement-based class for those just getting started, anyone who is diving back into yoga after time off and those who've been practicing regularly but appreciate the chance to get back to basics. Through mindful work, attention to the breath, a moderate pace and plenty of suggestions for modifications and options, you will learn how to effectively place yourself in fundamental yoga postures. Through regular practice, you will also begin to build strength, flexibility, balance, awareness and confidence to approach more challenging poses and classes if you desire. Intensity: Moderate.


Our flow classes are based upon the traditional vinyasa style of linking breath to movement in a creative and dynamic sequence of poses. Each flow class will have various possibilities to both strengthen and stretch the body through Sun Salutations, balancing, standing, seated and reclined poses. Enjoy this meditation in motion as you care for yourself physically and mentally through healthy, mindful movement and deep conscious breathing! Intensity: moderate to moderately high.

Power Fundamentals

The beginner-friendly version of our Power class, this class takes time to build the foundations of Power Yoga in a lightly heated and less intense environment. We'll move through a simple, yet powerful sequence of poses aimed at building strength, cultivating balance and increasing flexibility; all done with clear instruction and at a sustainable pace so that both new and experienced students will have the space to get grounded, present and grow in confidence both on and off the mat. Intensity: moderately high.


Use low impact movements to strengthen your entire body, especially some of the harder to target muscle groups in the spine, core and hips. Through movements inspired by a variety of disciplines, namely ballet, linked to the beat of the music, Barre is a fun experience that over time will help you tone muscles, improve posture, increase energy levels, care for cardiovascular health and develop body awareness. Light hand weights are used (and are always optional) as well as a barre and sometimes balls and bands.


Our Power Yoga classes are an efficient and effective way to build a strong body, to cultivate a calm mind and to nourish your spirit. This experience will keep with the traditional yoga mind, body, breath connection and also give you the space to play at your edge through challenging holds, strength-building poses and an opportunity to stretch and release. The goal is to give you an empowering and energizing experience that allows for you to mindfully care for your physical body, to take care of your mental fitness and to also allow you to see the great potential within you! Intensity: high.


FitFlow is a unique combo of strength and cardio-based movements followed by a full cool down, all done with the mindful, breath-focused, non-judgmental approach we use in our other classes. We use weights, core sliders and high intensity interval movements, which together turn your yoga class into a complete workout (and work in). Embrace the space and motivation to challenge yourself while also having the permission to adapt and adjust as needed to ensure you keep to the mindful and nurturing elements important to any yoga practice. Intensity: high.