Doing an Annual Reflection

Posted January 1, 2021

By Alissa Rodgers

Despite its challenges, for me it feels like 2020 has moved fast. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had my nose to the grindstone most of the year working on overcoming a series of obstacles I didn’t exactly plan for.

Yet in the midst of what still feels like a lot of busy-ness, I know the importance of and am committed to taking time to pause and reflect on the things I’ve learned from this year and the ways I’ve grown. Yes, 2020 has challenged me a lot and at the same time, I know I will face tough situations again in my life. Only now, I have increased insights, improved tools and a heck of a lot more resilience to help me better navigate future difficulties – both personally and professionally.

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”


Something I’ve learned over time is the power(s) that be – who want the very best for us – will continue to challenge and test us until we learn the important lessons we need to learn. As Confucius states, one of the best ways to wise up is through reflection.

Instead of fast forwarding and trying to skip right ahead into the next year, I invite you to indulge in the power of reflection to acknowledge and embrace the lessons and blessings from the previous year.

Reflective practices help you identify those aspects within your life where your development is progressing and those areas in which work remains to be done. They help you make mindful choices regarding what thoughts and behaviors you’ll continue to work on strengthening in your life and which ones you’ll continue to let go. Reflection can also help you cultivate a greater sense of clarity for what you want to focus on going forward and the ways in which you need to align your thoughts and actions to bring your goals and visions to life.

End of Year Reflection Practice

A few years back, I received this from a company I buy planners from. It’s what I’ve used since to reflect on each year. I’ve also modified it into a shorter form that I use with my team. Reflection doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. In fact, I find it even more powerful when done with others. That could be your team at work, your family or with a group of friends.

I thank 2020 for giving me the opportunity to continue to learn and grow. I also send big thanks to YOU for being a valuable part of this community and for giving me and my team faith, motivation and support this year. While I know we still have challenges ahead, I’m excited and hopeful for a happy, healthy and refreshing 2021!

If you are looking for a great planner, the company that produced that reflection document is called Best Self and I love their Best Self Journals so much that I ‘m known to give them as gifts (exciting, I know!). The journals run on a 12-week basis, you can can start one at any point throughout the year. Since I’m one of their best customers and ambassadors, they’ve given me a special discount code – GOYOGALOVE – which you can also use to save an extra 15% off anything on their site.

Alissa Rodgers, eRYT500, is the founder and CEO of GoYoga. She fell into yoga after the birth of her first son. Feeling desperate to lose baby weight, reconnect to her body as well as find a sense of community, she tried yoga after the urging of her best friend. While she did not love it at first, she kept going back 2-3 times a week because she had started to feel different. Sure enough the extra weight began to fall off, but more importantly she began to feel more energetic, clear and confident than she’d ever felt before. It was the mental and energetic benefits that ended up having the most impact on her life. This eventually led to opening her own yoga studios (which total 8 now in the Columbus, Ohio area), leading yoga teacher trainings and providing both in person and virtual offerings that share the powerful tools and effects of yoga, meditation and mindfulness with people of all types. On top of being a business owner, she’s a single mom of 3 boys and therefore she understands the busyness, overwhelm and stress we can often feel. This is why she is passionate about inspiring people to commit to mindful practices of self care. We cannot serve others well if we first don’t take care of ourselves.