Posted March 20, 2019

It will largely depend on your needs and desires, but a few great options to start are:

Fundamental Flow & Power Fundamentals – if you want to get both the strengthening and flexibility benefits of yoga. These classes move at a more moderate pace and instructors will take time each class to break down the basics.

Slow Flow & Slow Flow + Deep Stretch Рif you have more of a concern with flexibility and/or have any lingering mobility issues or are recovering from injury. These classes are slowed way down and poses are held longer to increase the potential for increased range of motion and release of restrictions in muscles and fascia.

Relax & Restore Рif you are craving a means for stress reduction and simply to zone out while gently stretching, then this class is for you! There is a high focus on mindfulness and restoring the sense of harmony between the body and mind.