The Worthington studio is a beautiful, spacious and peaceful place, just minutes from downtown Worthington in Linworth.

Our upstairs studio takes up the entire second floor of the building and features a spacious practice space with lots of natural lighting and large men’s and women’s changing rooms. You gain access to this studio through the 2246 door and then by taking the stairs around the corner of the entryway. Our first floor studio, through the 2242 door, features a large lobby area, a big open practice space, cubbies for storage and two bathrooms, both with showers. Our online schedule will in most cases note whether your class is upstairs or downstairs. Parking is available in the front of the building as well as on the sides and behind our building in the small gravel lot.

Annie Boback
Worthington Studio Manager
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11/6 Chaturanga Clinic with Anne W. at Worthington

Have you ever wondered if you’re practicing Chaturanga Dandasana also known as low plank correctly?
In this workshop, we will demystify this strong, yet commonly practiced pose and refine alignment to help avoid injury and keep you flowing with ease and fluidity.

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