10 Hour Understanding the Layers of Trauma Training with Rachel Bertner

Posted May 16, 2023

Training will take place December 2-3 from 9am-2pm at GoYoga Dublin. Super early registration ends 9/30 click here to sign up!

Throughout this 10 hour training we will use the koshas (our energetic sheaths) to explore the teacher’s role in delivering trauma informed, healing focused yoga inspired practices while still following the philosophy behind these practices. This training is for yoga teachers and students of yoga who are looking to explore and learn more about the multiple layers of healing available in these practices.

Topics we will cover include:

  • The neuroscience of trauma and how the brain experiences trauma
  • The physiological response to trauma and how the body experiences trauma
  • The energetic component to inherited trauma and what it means to come back to our own energy.
  • What kind of poses and breathwork are helpful for common traumatized populations
  • How to spot bodies that are holding trauma
  • Discussion of touch and when to use the power of touch
  • Safe language and options for creative cueing to fit to specialized populations in yoga classes
  •  A discussion on keeping up inspiration for students and ourselves in the process

About Rachel:

Rachel currently runs mindfulness and meditation programming at a treatment center in Southern OH and works privately with clients in Columbus OH. She has years of first-hand experience in sensory restoration + continued recovery using a blended method of yoga, mindfulness practices, multi-layer trauma education, and various healing practices. Whether in private lessons or group engagements, her focus is on grounding, recognizing the multi-phases of recovery, strengthening a connection to Self, and reclaiming confidence. She has spoken and teaches at various rehabs, transitional living homes, schools, prisons, colleges, spiritual centers, and private events about the power of healing, body awareness, mindfulness, spirituality, and yoga.