Level 1 In Person Yoga Teacher Training Program (100 Hours)

Posted May 19, 2018

Our next Level 1 Program will kick off 9/30 at New Albany click here to enroll 

Our Level 1 Foundational program is the entry to point to all of our teaching programs and will prepare you to teach as well as supply you with a solid base from which to grow and expand ongoing as a student, teacher and human being!

Whether your journey into Teacher Training is rooted in a commitment to caring for yourself, diving deeper into the life-changing benefits of yoga or your future as a teacher, in this training you will find increased clarity and confidence in your practice, a deeper connection to caring for your body and mind, and an empowering way to share this knowledge with others. Experience firsthand the transformational power of the tools of yoga through immersion in the practice, self-exploration, group discussion, activities and plenty of real time teaching opportunities…we start practice teaching on the very first day!

Level 1 Curriculum
Our goal: to give you the knowledge and tools you need to begin teaching a foundational yoga class immediately after Level 1 training. We do this through exploring a wide knowledge base.

• Understanding the essence of yoga and yogic principles
• Evolution of modern yoga
• Breath work and meditation
• Basic anatomy terminology and concepts
• Yoga pose clinics
• Verbal and physical assisting
• Creating an empowering experience for students
• Strategies for teaching to specific populations
• The business of yoga
• Letting your authentic voice shine
• Daily practice teaching, yoga classes and meditation practice
• Reading and independent study (note: you will need to complete approximately 25 hours of outside class work, including reading and establishing a regular home yoga and meditation practice)

Questions on our Level 1 Program? Email Molly at [email protected]