Online Level 1 Meditation Teacher Training: Foundations of Practice

Posted May 31, 2023

Our next Meditation Teacher Training program launches 6/15 in a completely online format and includes: 2 trainer led Zoom calls held on Tuesdays 6 25 & 7/23 from 7-8pm (attending the calls is not mandatory as these will be recorded and made available within 48 hours)

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Training Schedule:

In a world which can often be filled with stressors, distractions and an overwhelming amount of information coming at us at any given time (it’s said we consume 34 GB of info a day on average), meditation is a much needed tool to maintain a sense of mental focus, peace and equanimity.

They say you teach best what you need to learn and this training aims to help you first and foremost develop a regular meditation practice you can use to support yourself in maintaining an optimal state of mind. You’ll do this through learning tools, techniques and best practices for setting up and guiding a meditation practice. By learning how to share the power of mindfulness-based meditation with others, you’ll not only enhance the lives of others, you’ll enrich yours as well!

*Note: you do not have to have any previous teaching experience (yoga or otherwise) to participate in this training.

Throughout the course, you will gain knowledge and insights on:

  • How to set-up the space and body for an optimal practice
  • Multiple techniques ranging from traditional practices to more modern day applications
  • Leading an effective group practice including planning strategies, opening and closing rituals, cueing and timing
  • Common challenges for meditators and how to help overcome those
  • A framework for developing and sustaining a daily meditation practice

You’ll also receive a comprehensive digital manual that includes several scripts you can use as a foundation to get started as well as 10 online guided meditations you can play back at any time.

About Alissa: 

Alissa is the founder of GoYoga and the creator of the powerful GoYoga Teacher Training programs. Her true passion and purpose is helping people to see and realize their true gifts and potential. Her inspiring words, encouraging energy and wealth of industry and technical knowledge is invaluable in helping you grow as a teacher, student and human!

Program Testimonials: 

“The training was great…I left feeling ready and excited to teach meditation classes or weave it into my regular classes.” – Rachel

“I really enjoyed learning about the different techniques that can be used to customize the practice of meditation.”- Melissa