Level 1 Online Program (100 Hours)

Posted April 27, 2020

Our powerful and comprehensive online Teacher Training Program makes learning to teach yoga more accessible!

We understand in person programs aren’t accessible for everyone and therefore have taken our Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training online! You’ll get all of the same content coupled with a selection of practices you can at home to support your learning. While we can’t give you the face to face support we love being able to offer in our in person trainings, you’ll still get access to our dedicated Program Manager to ensure any questions are answered and you are supported and inspired throughout your training. Whether you choose to finish in 30 days or 3 months, we are here to help you get a quality experience, to guide you in developing a deeper understanding of yoga practices, poses and teaching techniques and most important to inspire you to uncover new skills and ways to care for your body, mind and spirit!

Level 1 Curriculum

Our goal: to give you the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to begin teaching a well-rounded yoga class immediately after Level 1 training. We do this through exploring:

• Basic yoga philosophy you can live on and off the mat
• Evolution of modern yoga
• Breath work and meditation
• Basic anatomy terminology and concepts
• Breaking down many traditional yoga postures
• Verbal and physical assisting
• Creating an empowering experience for students
• Strategies for teaching to specific populations
• The business of yoga
• Letting your authentic voice shine
• Practice teaching, yoga classes and meditation practice

What’s included:

• Lifetime access to the online videos, lectures and full length yoga classes
• A printed 90+ page digital manual mailed to you for reference
• Access to our training Facebook group where you can connect with people from all over for ongoing support and inspiration as well as access to our dedicated Program Manager for any questions, coaching and guidance

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Questions on our Level 1 Online Yoga Teacher Training Program? Email Molly at [email protected]