Yoga Nidra Training with Kate Kuss

This training will take place October 5th & 6th from 11am-7pm at GoYoga Grandview. Register by 7/31 to lock in our super early registration savings!

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Throughout this 16 hour training you will learn how Yoga Nidra creates balance, calmness and peace in the body and mind. You will explore the positive effects of setting intentions, how to stimulate creativity with visualizations and discover how Yoga Nidra can be a guide to travel through the layers of yourself and connect with your soul. Step away with the knowledge and confidence to teach others this healing practice, helping students relax, rejuvenate and rest.

Topics we will cover include:

  • The Power of Yoga Nidra: Doorway to Samadhi
  • Consciousness & Meditation
  • The 5 Layers: Koshas
  • The Science of Yoga Nidra
  • The Practice: Step by Step
  • How to Teach Yoga Nidra: Finding Your Voice and Rhythm
  • Benefits of Yoga Nidra

For YA certified yoga teachers, this counts as 16 hours of continuing education credit.

About Kate:

Kate Kuss has been leading Yoga Nidra teacher trainings since 2016. She learned the practice
from her meditation teacher, Yogi Charu, who encouraged her to share the practice with as
many people as possible. Yoga Nidra helped Kate navigate stressful times in her life with
clarity, ease and grace. Yoga Nidra is a powerful gift to the world. We can release stress from the body and mind, one breath at a time. Kate Kuss is the founder and creator of Soul & Steady Yoga Parlour. An online destination to experience how yoga is a practice to grow the qualities of awareness, patience, compassion,
kindness and acceptance. Inch by inch, life is a cinch. Yard by yard, life is too hard.