GoYoga teacher trainings are for those seeking something more. For some, it’s deepening your personal yoga practice. For others, it’s learning tools and gaining the confidence to share yoga with others. Whether it’s one or both of those intentions, our teacher training programs provide you with amazing experiences to connect, grow and transform. It is recommended to start with our Level 1 – 100 Program. This will strengthen your foundation and teach you an initial set of highly effective tools you can use to confidently begin teaching.

If you desire to continue your journey, our Level 2 program is your next step. After completion of Level 2, you are eligible to become a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. In addition, we’ve got an array of additional training and continuing education programs to help students and teachers expand their knowledge in a variety of topics and styles. Our Kids Yoga, Meditation and Barre Teacher Training Programs do not require you to have any teacher training experience.

Level 1 In Person Yoga Teacher Training Program (100 Hours)
Our next in person Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training Program kicks off 10/19 at New Albany. Super early registration ends 7/31. Click here to enroll! Our Level 1 Foundations of Yoga Teacher Training Program is the entry to point to all of our yoga teacher training programs and will prepare you to teach as well …Read More
Level 1 Online Yoga Teacher Training Program (100 Hours)
Our powerful and comprehensive online Teacher Training Program makes learning to teach yoga more accessible! We understand in person programs aren’t accessible for everyone and therefore have taken our Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training online! You’ll get all of the same content coupled with a selection of practices you can do at home to support …Read More
Level 2 In Person Program (Your 2nd 100 Hours)
Our Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training Program is the follow-up to our Level 1 Program. After the completion of both Level 1 and Level 2, you are certified at the 200 hour level, the most common certification level for yoga teachers. If you desire you can also sign up with Yoga Alliance as a 200 …Read More
Level 3 In Person 300 Hour Teacher Training Program (to get certified at 500 Hours)
Our 2023-2024 Daytime Level 3 Program kicks off 9/12 click here to see the full schedule & sign up! Our 2023-2024 Evening / Weekend Level 3 Program kicks off 9/29 click here to see the full schedule & sign up! GoYoga’s 300 Hour Program is geared toward current 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teachers who have …Read More
New Teacher Mentorship Program
Our 4 month Mentorship Program is designed to bridge the gap between yoga teacher training and teaching in an established yoga studio; helping to build your confidence and refine your teaching in the class style(s) of your choosing. Often new teachers are left to their own devices and trial by fire to figure out what …Read More
Online Yoga Teacher Continuing Education Programs
Our online programs are a great way to continue sharpening your teaching skills, inspire your personal yoga practice and expand your knowledge! Plus you get lifetime access to any online program purchased so you can continue to reference as needed. Online workshops + trainings include but are not limited to… – Foundations of Teaching Meditation …Read More
Find a Teacher Training Program Near You
We are thrilled to be sharing our teacher training programs across the country! Due to the success and excitement our programs have generated in our local community, we have partnered with studios across the country to inspire and share this experience with other communities. Upcoming Programs  200 Hour Teacher Training at Rainbow Yoga in Chillicothe, …Read More
Host a GoYoga Teacher Training
The success of our teacher training programs has taken us on the road to share our efficient, effective and affordable approach with studios and students all across the country! If you are a studio looking to bring a teacher training in house, we’d love to work with you to customize a program geared toward your …Read More
Prenatal Yoga Training
Our next Prenatal Yoga Training program will take place June 23-25, Friday 4-9pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-7pm at GoYoga Dublin. Click here to sign up Learn to share the calming, strengthening and stress relieving benefits of yoga with those who need it most…superhero mamas to be! While pregnancy is a sacred and beautiful time, …Read More
Level 1 Meditation Teacher Training: Foundations of Practice
Our next Meditation Teacher Training program will take place Tuesdays 7/11 & 7/25 from 11:30-4:30pm at GoYoga Dublin. Super early registration ends 6/15 click here to sign up! Training Schedule: In a world which can often be filled with stressors, distractions and an overwhelming amount of information coming at us at any given time (it’s said …Read More
Kids Yoga Teacher Training
Our next Kids Yoga Teacher Training program will take place July 28-30th, Friday from 5-9pm Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm at GoYoga Powell. Early registration ends 6/30 click here to sign up! Just like adults, kids can benefit greatly from learning about the fundamentals of yoga. From boosting their mental focus to building physical strength, introducing kids …Read More
PowerYoga Immersion with Bryan Kest
We are so excited to host Bryan Kest September 17-21 for his 40 hour PowerYoga Immersion! This training is dedicated to learning the philosophy & practice of PowerYoga from internationally renowned instructor Bryan Kest. Each day is split between practice and a mixture of discourse, interactive dialogue, practice teachings and question and answer assignments. You will …Read More
20 Hr. Barre Training
Our next program will take place September 29th – October 1st, Friday 5-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 8:30am-4:30pm with Katie and Suzanne at GoYoga Dublin. Super early registration ends 7/31 click here to sign up! Barre has quickly become a favored form of fitness across the United States as people seek different forms of exercise to improve strength, flexibility …Read More
Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 Trainings
Reiki Level 1 – Komyo ReikiDo Shoden Degree Stay tuned for our next level 1 program! Reiki is defined as the divine, absolute energy in all living things. The practice of reiki transfers energy from the practitioner to the receiver, activating the natural healing processes of the body and restoring physical and emotional well-being. It is a hands-on healing method by means of channeling this life force energy. Based on the …Read More
Teacher Trainings with Kate Kuss
We are excited to host Kate Kuss for 2 powerful trainings! The Essence of Yin Yoga 15 Hr. Training: Going Deep Within October 13-14, Friday 4-9pm & Saturday 9am-7pm at GoYoga Dublin. Super early registration ends 7/31 click here to sign up! Physically, Yin is a style of yoga that focuses on lengthening connective tissue …Read More
Level 1 Philosophy Training: The 8 Limbs of Yoga
Training will take place November 4th & 11th from 9am-4:30pm with Mandeep at GoYoga Dublin. Super early registration ends 8/31 click here to sign up! Delve into the philosophical underpinnings of yoga and immerse yourself in a training experience that will give you the space, time and knowledge to develop a more meaningful and authentic relationship …Read More
10 Hour Understanding the Layers of Trauma Training with Rachel Bertner
Training will take place December 2-3 from 9am-2pm at GoYoga Dublin. Super early registration ends 9/30 click here to sign up! Throughout this 10 hour training we will use the koshas (our energetic sheaths) to explore the teacher’s role in delivering trauma informed, healing focused yoga inspired practices while still following the philosophy behind these …Read More
Local Information for Out of Town Participants
Unless otherwise noted, all local trainings are held at GoYoga’s Training Facility located at 2242 West Dublin Granville Road, Worthington, Ohio 43085. We have arranged for a discounted rate at a nearby hotel. It is approximately 5 miles west of the training facility and there are lots of food options surrounding both the studio and …Read More