What Type of Yoga Is Best For Beginners?

Posted May 9, 2022

What Type of Yoga Is Best For Beginners?

Chances are if you type “Yoga for Beginners” or “Yoga Near Me”, you will have a number of yoga class options, names and types pop up. When you are new to the world of yoga, this can be very confusing and overwhelming. Trying something new or out of your comfort zone can be challenging, so, consider this your one stop shop for figuring out your best yoga class fit!

We offer a wide variety of classes at our 8 Columbus, Ohio Yoga Studio locations. Each yoga class style serves a different purpose and can help the practitioner attain different types of fitness and wellness goals. A good place to start as a beginner is to ask yourself: what am I trying to achieve with yoga? While all of our classes will help you achieve a more present and calm state of mind, as well as help with flexibility, each of the unique styles comes with a targeted set of benefits. Below is a high level picture of each beginner-friendly style of yoga, it’s focus, and how you can expect to feel when you leave.

Relax & Restore:

Focus: Based on a style called Restorative Yoga, this class focuses highly on stress relief and gentle stretching. We use bolsters (which are like big, firm pillows), blankets and sometimes the wall to allow our bodies to relax into poses. Breathwork and guided meditations may also be incorporated to enhance the sense of presence and peace.

How you may feel: Relaxed with a calm mind, the body gently stretched out and feeling less physically and mentally tense.

Restorative Flow:

Focus: A mix of flowing movements linked with the breath and restorative yoga. In the flow part of this class as compared to our traditional Flow class, a slower pace is offered plus more modifications are provided to make the poses more accessible and comfortable.

How you may feel: More energized and limber with a greater sense of physical and mental balance.

Deep Stretch:

Focus: Based on the Yin Yoga practice, this class has mostly seated and reclined poses, are held for 3-5 minutes each to maximize the benefits for flexibility, tension release and joint health.

How you may feel: Deeply stretched out allowing for greater joint mobility and muscular flexibility. We also focus on mindful breathing which will leave your mind more calm and focused.

Power Down & Deep Stretch:

Focus: This is combination of slow Power yoga and Yin yoga. It is an effective combination of building strength through holding challenging, yet accessible, standing poses and growing flexibility and mobility through holding seated and reclined stretches.

How you may feel: Deep release from tension in your muscles and joints. A sense of greater strength, balance and focus, which builds over time.


Focus: A Vinyasa or dynamic style of yoga where movements are linked to the breath. The pace of this class will be quicker than any other if you are up for a challenge. We work on balance, coordination, agility and flexibility.

How you may feel: Moving at a moderately quick pace, this class will leave you feeling more energetic, balanced and flexible.

We do offer a variety of more intense classes such as Power, FitFlow (yoga with weights) and Barre, but the above are a great starting point for beginners to dip a toe in to the yoga world. Visit this page here to see all our styles and a more in depth review of each class.

See you at the studio soon!