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At GoYoga we promise the best variety of classes, taught by friendly and knowledgeable instructors in a welcoming environment. Whether you are a new beginner or have been practicing for years, we have options for those who are looking to relax and de-stress or build balance, strength and sweat a little too!

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Aroma Yoga with Cindy and Colleen G. 4/6 from 3-5pm at Worthington 
Treat yourself to this fun and relaxing experience and learn how to your practice in a fun, new way!  We will begin with a short conversation surrounding the benefits and applications of the essential oils we use and then transition into a yoga practice incorporating these powerful and effective oils. The practice will start with a gentle flow, transition to yin postures for deep stretching of connective tissues and finish with a long and meditative Savasana … dreamy, right!   Double bonus – you will leave feeling amazing + with essential oils to use at home!

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What started as a small passion project has turned into a thriving family of 7 yoga studios spanning Columbus.  I started this because I simply wanted a place to practice that felt welcoming, friendly and didn’t break my growing family’s bank account.  During a yoga practice 8 years ago, a vision appeared in my mind of the place where I knew I could enjoy the transformative benefits of yoga.  From that day forward, I’ve been committed to bringing that vision and that place to life for others to enjoy, too!

Within 6 months I “stumbled” upon a space in Powell and within days we had our first dedicated 1200 square foot space (which has since expanded into 6000 square feet). From there, the doors began to open, the people kept coming, I gained a business partner (Carrie), and we grew into a team of passionate instructors and support staff who all share a common goal of inspiring people to live healthier, happier and more balanced lives. We are filled with gratitude every day to be able to serve our community in the way that we do. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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