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Yoga, Meditation & Barre classes to help you live a healthier and happier life.

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Whether you are a brand new beginner or have been practicing for years, the variety of classes we offer provide something for everyone. You'll feel welcomed in our comfortable environment and supported by our friendly and knowledgeable instructors. Most importantly, we'll ensure you have a wonderful experience that helps you meet your wellness goals, whether that's building strength, gaining flexibility, improving balance, relieving stress or finding greater peace and happiness in your life!

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Nourish your body, mind and spirit at home right now by practicing with us in our digital studio!

With over 60 classes available in a variety of styles, we’ve got you covered in being able to maintain (or even begin!) a yoga practice at home so that you can feel and be at your best! For just 1 low monthly fee (less than a price of a normal drop in class), you get unlimited access to yoga and meditation classes you can do anywhere at anytime.

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What started as a small passion project has turned into a family of 8 yoga studios spanning Columbus.  Alissa started this back in 2011 because she simply wanted a place to practice that felt welcoming, where the teachers were inspiring and where the monthly fee didn’t break her growing family’s bank account.  We started with humble beginnings, using a small tax refund check to rent space and hire a few teachers.  It turned out that many others were also wanting a place where they felt comfortable coming to take care of their bodies, relax their minds and nourish their spirits – our classes grew quickly and so did our company!

We are filled with gratitude every day to be able to be a part of your wellness journey.  Giving you the space to release your stress, to disconnect from the busy-ness of life and to reconnect to the inner strength and greatness inside of you is a blessing.  Thank you for sharing your time, energy and spirit with us!

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