Level 3 In Person 300 Hour Teacher Training Program (to get certified at 500 Hours)

Posted December 19, 2017

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GoYoga’s 300 Hour Program is geared toward current 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teachers who have a desire to expand their reach and impact through teaching teachers. This is one of the few 300 Hour Programs focused deeply on giving you the tools, insights and space for inspiration to develop and launch continuing education programs, teacher trainings, teacher mentorship programs and more. It is perfect for those teachers who are ready to extend their teachings beyond the group classroom setting and make a positive impact on our industry through training and coaching teachers to deliver the yoga practice in an authentic, relevant, effective and powerful way.

All in, when combined with your 200 hour certification, this additional 300 hours of Yoga Alliance-approved programming will certify you as 500-hour Yoga Teacher and beyond that, give you a strong platform from which you can confidently lead, inspire and create from your own full well of experience and wisdom.

Your Facilitators: Our 300 Hour Program is led by GoYoga founder and co-owner Alissa Rodgers, eRYT500, with guest teachers and industry leaders from a variety of backgrounds. Alissa brings into this training the depth of her 18 years of yoga and business leadership experience, including her development of many trainings and mentorship programs, and her passion for helping people uncover and rise to their fullest potential. Having worn just about all of the hats in the yoga industry, she has invaluable insights and knowledge to help you grow into the leader, facilitator, teacher and/or business owner you desire to become.

Program Structure:

Our time together will be spent immersed in group sessions, complemented by a customized path of workshops, trainings, coaching and assisting hours, tailored toward your ultimate goals for this experience. As a group, we’ll connect through sharing wisdom and experience, practice putting into action what we are learning through engaging in the process of creation and the practice of leadership and plan for bringing to life the opportunities and programs that speak to your soul.

Beyond our group sessions, you will select electives and be assigned mentorship and assisting opportunities to fulfill your program requirements. In between our group sessions you are required to stay in regular practice (at least twice per week) and complete at home reading, writing, online training and planning assignments.

The breakdown of your total program hours is:

Core Group Sessions – 130 Hours (available to complete in-person or virtually)

Elective Hours – 80 Hours (Must be complete within 18 months of our first Core Curriculum session. Electives you have taken from 1/1/22 up until our first Core Curriculum weekend can be submitted for request of approval to count toward your program hours.) Upcoming 2021 programs held at GoYoga that count toward elective hours include the below. Outside programs can be submitted for request of approval as well.

Mentorship, Assisting & In-Person/Virtual Meetings with Program Leadership – 40 Hours (Must be complete within 18 months of our first Core Curriculum session).

Outside Assignments – 30 Hours (All assignments must be submitted on time by their assigned due date).


  • Completion of a 200-hour yoga teacher training (does not have to be through GoYoga)
  • Must be currently teaching yoga in some capacity
  • Must have taught a minimum of 100 hours of classes and/or yoga programming
  • Must maintain a regular yoga and meditation practice (at least twice per week)
  • 100% attendance, participation, completion of assignments and timeliness
  • A strong desire and open willingness to grow, expand and serve others in meaningful ways


300 Hour Curriculum:


  • Creating and refining sequencing methodologies and progressions
  • Defining messaging, stylistic expansion and theming
  • Enhancing knowledge and skillset in identified gaps in teaching (assisting, anatomy, modifications, meditation, pranayama, etc.)
  • Creating master classes


  • Understanding and then translating traditional philosophy for today’s world
  • Exploration of impactful yoga texts and how to infuse these into teachings and trainings
  • Being a role model in our industry and your community through living yoga

Leadership & Impact

  • Methodology and training development
  • Facilitating inquiry
  • Brand and offering refinement
  • Creating content and training resources
  • Delivering Dharma talks
  • Developing and executing events and workshops
  • Mentoring and teaching teachers
  • Growing community through creating deep connections and amazing experiences
  • Emotional anatomy and trauma
  • Marketing and financial best practices
  • Inspiration, sustainability and service

Program Testimonials: 

“This program has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Words cannot describe all of the things I learned throughout this process.”-Deanna G.

“I can’t put into words how much Level 3 training meant to me. It was so much more than I could have imagined it would be. When I made the decision to enroll, it was because I wanted to become 500 hour certified so that I would have the ability to lead trainings. In the end, it was so much more than that. I feel like I now have a clear understanding of my true dharma and feel confident in taking real steps toward living it. I have felt so many pieces fall into place for me over the last six months. What a blessing this training was for me during an otherwise unsettling time in our lives.” -Susan G.

Questions on our Level 3 Program? Email Molly at [email protected]
We are happy to set-up a time to talk about your goals to ensure they align with this program as well as to set-up financial arrangements that make this possible for you!