Level 3 Local Program: Expansion (300 Hours)

Posted December 19, 2017
Learn, Lead & Radiate
Grow your skillset as a teacher beyond the classroom, become a passionate and purposeful leader in your community and earn your certification as a 500 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher with GoYoga’s 300 Hour Teacher Training Program!
You’ve got your 200 hour training under your belt and you are out there teaching…so what’s next? Join us on an amazing journey as we work together to take your teaching to the next level and ignite in you the ability to step into the powerful leader and human being that you are! GoYoga’s 300 hour program provides you with a powerful opportunity to build upon the material introduced in your 200 hour program and what you’ve integrated through practical application in the classroom. Through a combination of classroom sessions, workshops and mentorship hours with experienced teachers and leaders, we will work together to cultivate your authentic leadership, teaching and awareness skills to enable you to grow in the direction you choose. You will step into the world of mastery and ownership in your teaching through expanding your knowledge, elevating your effectiveness, and cultivating your unique expression. You will emerge as a leader, fulfilling on the legacy and impact you want to leave. Together we will explore and integrate a variety of topics such as yoga philosophy, sequencing, meditation, pranayama, physical and energetic anatomy, leading powerful inquiry and cultivating community and service. With the guidance of your mentor, you will develop a personalized path to dig even further into the areas that interest you the most, gaining practical experience and creating an impactful final project that brings together your work, your wisdom, your intention and your passion. The training team has spent hours carefully crafting a powerful and well-rounded program that brings together impactful teachers and industry leaders and offers you different styles and backgrounds to give you a strong platform for growth and expansion. This 300-Hour program consists of 300 hours of Yoga Alliance-approved content that, when combined with your 200-hour training, delivers a comprehensive 500-hour Yoga Teacher certification.
This Training Will Focus On 3 Key Areas for Expansion…
Leadership Skills:
• Become a leader people want to follow through deepening your understanding of the yoga tradition and learning to more effectively teach and more powerfully live the practice
• Skill development for empowering communication and enhancing relationships
• Learn to be led and lead through mentoring and compassionate and purposeful feedback
• Discover tools for leading enlightening self-inquiry
• Learn the framework for creating and leading successful programs, events and trainings and create a meaningful event of your own
Technical Skills:
• Uncover new possibilities for your classes through deepening your knowledge of the actions, progressions, modifications and sequencing of postures
• Fine tune your verbal teaching skills through authentic, meaningful and precise cueing
• Increase your effectiveness through expanding your toolbox of assisting and adaptation techniques
• Develop skills for working with special population yoga students and working with students on-on-one
• Deepen your knowledge of the physical body and how it moves and works through specialized workshops taught by passionate experts
• Become in tune with the subtle body and how to work with and shift energy personally, one-on-one and in a group setting
• Expand from your foundation as a teacher through practical teaching experience and in the moment coaching
Living Your Yoga:
• Cultivate a greater understanding of yogic philosophy and how to apply it to your teaching and life
• Dive deeper through specialized workshops taught by content experts in philosophy
• Learn practical tools for overcoming fears and perceived limitations and living an empowered life
• Build a meditation practice and learn to teach meditation and breath work

*Note: you must have completed a 200 hour program with a Registered Yoga School by the start date of the first required weekend to participate in this program and earn the additional 300 hours required to receive RYT500 certification.

What can you expect?

The required elements of the program are 10 months in duration and consist of a combination of required weekend sessions and trainings spanning February 2018–November 2018 and approximately 40 hours of mentorship, 40 hours of electives and 30 hours of various outside projects and assignments. You have up to 18 months to complete the mentorship and elective hours. You will be paired with a mentor who will guide you through this program from start to finish. All mentors are certified at the 500 hour level (and have been in your shoes!) and are mindfully selected based upon your personal goals and intentions for your 300 hour experience. All required elective hours taken through GoYoga are included in the program pricing.
What is expected of you?
We ask that you come fully prepared for the training and show up 100% for yourself, the training, other participants, and the training team and guest instructors. You must attend every session uninterrupted unless otherwise communicated in advance to your lead trainer. Each weekend we are together, we are building off the previous weekend and therefore we need everyone there and prepared with all required readings and assignments complete. We encourage you to communicate clearly with family and friends during our required weekends that you are immersed in training and unavailable during the designated session hours. What you will learn in this training will help you develop a greater understanding of yourself and how to better interact with the world around you, so everyone in your life benefits from the gift of your 300 hour program.
Questions on our Level 3 Program? Email Molly at goyogau@gmail.com