Next Level Leadership: 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training Program

Posted December 19, 2017

GoYoga’s 300 hour program is an experience rich with exploration, innovation and demonstration that will support you in moving the needle forward in your yoga career and challenge you to expand into the leader, educator and creator you are destined to become. While the paths are many, in this dynamic and carefully crafted training, we build upon what we learned in our 200-hour trainings, integrate what we’ve taken away from our practical experience and support one another in rising up to become impactful, heart-centered leaders leaving legacies in the communities we serve. We will dive into proven and effective best practices and more importantly, share and shape our unique insights into our own noteworthy and inspiring methodologies in subject areas such as philosophy, sequencing, meditation, breath work, inquiry, branding, growing community, training and event leadership. All in, when combined with your 200 hour certification, this additional 300 hours of Yoga Alliance-approved programming will certify you as 500-hour Yoga Teacher and beyond that, give you a strong platform from which you can confidently lead, inspire and create from your own full well of experience and wisdom.

Your Facilitators: Our 300 hour program is led by GoYoga founder and co-owner Alissa Rodgers, eRYT500, with guest teachers and industry leaders from a variety of backgrounds. Alissa brings into this training the depth of her 16 years of yoga and business leadership experience and her passion for helping people uncover and rise to their fullest potential. Having worn just about all of the hats in the yoga industry, she has invaluable insights and knowledge to help you grow into the leader you desire to become.

Guest teachers include:

Christian de la Huerta, internationally recognized author, teacher and trainer, Christian will be leading us in our first weekend through his Soulful Breathwork and Soulful Teacher Modules

Anne Harding, a magnetic Vinyasa and Kundalini teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience, will be leading our Life Visioning Module, which will fill you with inspiration and tools for manifesting your highest desires

Jason Burch, Meditation and Power Yoga teacher, will be leading our 3-part Mindfulness Meditation Module, where he will share his many experiences and insights into cultivating and sharing a regular meditation practice

Ryan Rodgers, a west coast trained Power, Sculpt, Vinyasa and Yin teacher, will be leading our 4-part Sutra Studies Module, sharing his variety of experiences learned through studying and teaching across the country to help us decode, distill and impactfully share yoga philosophy with modern day practitioners

Chelsea Bragg, Power and Slow Flow teacher with a passion for inclusivity + years of professional marketing experience, will be leading our Inclusivity in Yoga Module as well as our Branding Module

Rachel Bertner, trauma educator and inspirational speaker, will be sharing her wealth of knowledge from working with students who have experienced trauma in our Yoga for Healing Module

Program Structure:

Our time together will be spent in classroom sessions, workshops, trainings, mentorships and assisting. As a group, we’ll meet for 7 required weekends, during which we dive into our program Core Curriculum, connect through sharing wisdom and experience, practice putting into action what we are learning and plan for future application of the powerful information that resonates with you.

Our 2019-2020 group weekends:

Aug 9-11, 2019 (Fri 5:30pm-9:30pm, Sat & Sun 10:30-7)

Oct 4-6, 2019 (Fri 5:30pm-7:30pm, Sat & Sun 9am-5pm)

Nov 15-17, 2019 (Fri 5:30pm-7:30pm, Sat & Sun 9am-5pm)

Jan 10-12, 2020 (Fri 5:30pm-7:30pm, Sat & Sun 9am-5pm)

Feb 28-Mar 1, 2020 (Fri 5:30pm-7:30pm, Sat & Sun 9am-5pm)

Apr 17-19, 2020 (Fri 5:30pm-7:30pm, Sat & Sun 9am-5pm)

May 16-17 (overnight in Hocking Hills Sat 8am – Sun 12pm)


Beyond our group Core Weekends, you will select electives and be assigned mentorship and assisting opportunities to fulfill your program requirements. In between our group weekends you are required to stay in regular practice (at least twice per week) and complete at home reading, writing, online training and planning assignments.

The breakdown of your total program hours is:

Core Weekends – 130 Hours

Elective Hours – 100 Hours (Must be complete within 18 months of our first Core Curriculum weekend. Electives you have taken from 1/1/19 up until our first Core Curriculum weekend can be submitted for request of approval to count toward your program hours.) Upcoming 2019 programs that count toward elective hours include:


-20 Hour Yoga Nidra Training

-20 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training

-The Science of the Private Lesson: 30 Hour Teacher Training

-25 Hour FitFlow Teacher Training

-40 Hour Power Yoga Training & Immersion with Bryan Kest

-20 Hour Roll & Restore Teacher Training



Mentorship, Assisting & In-Person/Virtual Meetings with Program Leadership – 40 Hours (Must be complete within 18 months of our first Core Curriculum weekend).

Outside Assignments – 30 Hours (All assignments must be submitted on time by their assigned due date).


  • Completion of a 200-hour yoga teacher training prior to the first group weekend (does not have to be through GoYoga)
  • Must be currently teaching yoga in some capacity by the first group weekend
  • Must complete 100 hours of total lifetime teaching within 18 months of our first group weekend
  • Must maintain a regular yoga and meditation practice (at least twice per week)
  • 100% attendance, participation, completion of assignments and timeliness
  • A strong desire and open willingness to grow, expand and serve others in big ways

Payment Options:

  • All payment options require a $500 non-refundable deposit at the time of registration
  • “All In” Paid in Full – (includes payment for all elective hours): $3800 if registered by 4/30/19; $4000 after (remaining tuition balance for both options will be charged 6/30/19)
  • “All In” Payment Plan – $500 deposit must be paid by 4/30/19. This is followed up with 11 additional payments of $325 beginning on 5/31/19 and ending on 3/31/19.
  • “Core Weekends Only” Paid in Full (electives paid for separately): $2000 if registered by 4/30/19; $2250 after (remaining tuition balance for both options will be charged 6/30/19). This option is great for out of town participants who will be taking a portion of their electives at or near their home studio or for in town participants who have already taken qualified electives in 2019.

Next Level Curriculum:

Physical Practice

  • Sequencing methodologies and progressions
  • Stylistic expansion and theming
  • Creatively teaching beyond the traditional postures
  • Artful assisting
  • Practical anatomy and meaningful modifications
  • Creating master classes

Meditation & Breath Practices

  • Understanding the breadth and depth of meditation and pranayama practices
  • Practicing and powerfully teaching meditation and breath work
  • The science of meditation and breath


  • Understanding and then translating traditional philosophy for today’s world
  • Exploration of impactful yoga texts
  • Living yoga

Leadership & Impact

  • Methodology and training development
  • Facilitating inquiry
  • Brand and offering refinement
  • Creating content and training resources
  • Developing and executing events and workshops
  • Mentoring and teaching teachers
  • Growing community through creating deep connections and amazing experiences
  • Emotional anatomy and trauma
  • Inspiration, sustainability and service

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Questions on our Level 3 Program? Email Molly at We are happy to set-up a time to talk about your goals to ensure they align with this program as well as to set-up financial arrangements that make this possible for you!