25 Hr. Prenatal Yoga Training

Posted May 16, 2023

Our next Prenatal Yoga Training program will take place 8/23-8/25, Friday 4-9pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-7pm at GoYoga Dublin. Click here to sign up – register by 5/31 to save!

Learn to share the calming, strengthening and stress relieving benefits of yoga with those who need it most…superhero mamas to be! While pregnancy is a sacred and beautiful time, let’s be honest, it can also be uncomfortable, exhausting and at times scary. The body is growing, hormones are flowing and you never quite know what to expect around the corner.

Being a prenatal yoga teacher is so much more than teaching yoga. You have the honor of holding space for a group of women moving through the various phases of pregnancy and supporting them in what they need for their self-care and to help them nurture our new generations.

Prenatal Yoga Training is a wonderful opportunity to add something new to your teaching or professional toolbox and truly empower expecting mothers! Prenatal yoga teachers are hard to come by and in demand so if you are considering or even confident in your desire to share this aspect of yoga with others or simply want to learn more for your own personal needs, be sure to join us!

You Will Learn:

  • Basic postures for different stages of pregnancy
  • Modifications for traditional postures that enable clients to adapt their existing yoga practice
  • Sequencing pre-natal classes
  • Breathing tools for practice, labor and beyond
  • Hands on adjustments specific to assisting pregnant clients
  • Ideas and tools for supporting your clients through their postnatal care and return to regular practice
  • How to create a strong and supportive community in and develop the specialized niche for pre- and post-natal classes

Note: you do not have to be a current yoga teacher or have had previous teacher training experience to take this training – it is also a valuable and enriching experience for those who may work with pregnant women in other capacities.


Meet Your Trainers:

Mandeep Bahia is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT200, RYT500) who is passionate about teaching yoga from a perspective of breath and yoga philosophy. She has over 1000 hours of teaching experience and has done specialized trainings in Philosophy (Seth Powell), Anatomy (Leslie Kaminoff), Women’s Health (Yoga Medicine) and Pelvic Floor Yoga (Leslie Howard).

Through her classes, Mandeep loves to use her knowledge of anatomy and her understanding of how to create safe and effective practices for her students as well as inspire them through tools of yoga philosophy.

She is also passionate about women’s health. As a registered prenatal yoga teacher (RPYT), she has extensive knowledge of the physical and emotional changes that women go through during pregnancy and how yoga can support them through this transformative time. She has led multiple workshops around women’s health like pelvic floor and phases of women’s cycle.

Mandeep is also a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) and wants to use her knowledge and expertise with other yoga teachers and help them to deepen their own practices and teaching skills.

She is also pursuing Yoga Therapy and wants to use all these tools of yoga to help people live better lives.


Kara Schrinner has been teaching yoga for five years and on a path to complete her 500 certification this year. She has attended training seminars with Jason Crandell, Bryan Kest, and David Regelin in addition to focused training on trauma informed yoga, myofascial release, injury prevention, meditation, and functional anatomy. Kara is also a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a Traditional Naturopath. In her classes, you will find a thoughtful and intentional practice, designed to help explore how poses feel on our bodies, with a special focus on alignment and safe form. With a special interest in healing, Kara likes to help her clients understand the energetic aspects of the practice, in addition to the innate power we all hold within.


Program Testimonials:

“Each section of the course was thought through and taught in a manner that was easy to digest. The dynamics between Mandeep and Kara and how they expanded off each other was incredible. They took the time to make sure any questions we had were answered and provided practice opportunities to teach a PreNatal class to our peers.”

“I enjoyed learning about the body during pregnancy and through labor/delivery. It was interesting to learn how yoga can help prepare us for labor. I loved the prenatal classes we got to experience. I also really loved getting to listen to a doula speak about delivery.”